From full enterprise messaging solutions to a one-off ad blitz, Hermes E-Messenger is the proven way to help you personalize communication on a mass scale.

We help companies and organizations speak easier and more effectively with their prospects, customers, employees and investors. Our dedicated account team works with you to manage projects and counsel marketers on email initiatives.

Hermes E-Messenger gives you all the tools you need to keep in contact with any important group. Our flexible, customizable features give you an on-demand, permission-based email marketing system that’s designed and priced for small and medium sized businesses and membership organizations.

Powerfully simple
Create professional email campaigns without any design or HTML skills. Our web-based interface gives you a simple, familiar way to design your own email templates. Add colors, images, and logos with the click of your mouse. Text editing is simple and easy. You can copy and paste formatted text or format it using our interface.

Web-based Editor
Our advanced web-based editor allows you to create and modify templates. No extra software is required. If your in-house creative or agency designs your emails, they can easily use our system.

Impressive Customization
Personalize campaigns with custom greetings and leverage database information for advanced personalization.

List Management
Easily import your existing permission-based email lists and use a "Join our mailing list" signup tag for your website to grow your lists. View and export all your email lists with our web-based interface.

Bounce Management
Track and manage all bounced emails so you can easily increase your lists’ accuracy.

Sequential Messaging
Schedule your email delivery in advance to coincide with an integrated marketing campaign. Use automated scheduling and sequencing to respond based on user activity or other events such as signing-up, requesting information, or reminding members that their subscription is about to expire.

Real-time Management Reports
Hermes E-Messenger provides real-time reporting, allowing you to effectively measure and track the success of your email campaign.

Viral Marketing
Grow your email list by encouraging your audience to send your promotions, newsletters, and event invitations to their friends and associates.